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Award-winning interior designers, B3 Designers have created the interiors of newly opened cafe/bar Topolski, located in the Hungerford arches next to the South Bank Centre.

The new venue replaces the former Topolski Century art bunker and has a self-supporting scaffolding structure that holds and displays the artwork of Feliks Topolski’s.

Feliks Topolski established his studio in 1953 in a nearby arch and in 1975 acquired the arches where newly opened Topolski bar/restaurant is now located. B3 Designers’ brief was to turn this 370 square metre arch space into a venue that would allow visitors to truly enjoy Topolski’s works of art.

The design incorporates a counter bar and seating for the Company of Cooks food offering whilst at the same time creates an aesthetic that reflects Topolski’s utilitarian artistic approach. One of the main interior features of the site is the reclaimed scaffolding structure within the ceiling of the arches which is ideal for showcasing such huge pieces of art work.

via Topolski: The art of design | Premier Construction Magazine.

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